Curriculum Vitae

(Updated on feb,, 1 2006 )


Good Morning,

My name is Stefano Baldi, I was born on September 8, 1971, in Caserta, CAM, Italy ; actually I live in Caserta, CAM, Italy, Montale Street, nr.3.

I’m high school graduate in 1989.

How contact me

Private email : , 

Private phone # : +393386405612 , +393935482016

Job email :

Job phone : +390823630451

Job life.

Jan 1996 – Jun 1996 | Security Guard | Incard s.p.a. |

Access control, antiproof, security reports.

Jul 1996 – Sep 1998 | Financial and Security manager assistant | Incard s.p.a. |

Financial software development, financial and security reports, software management, procedures development.

Sep 1998 – Nov 2003 | Security and Facility Manager | Incard s.p.a. |

Security software development; CCTV, Antiproof and access control software, procedures and organization development; Security Guards reports and turnover management; Security Intranet Web master. Budgeting. Customers and Suppliers visits organization. Working with CEO, HRM, QA, Production Manager. External Certification manager (Visa, Mastercard, GSM, ..).

Nov 2003 – Dic 2005 | Business Planner and WebMaster | ST Incard s.r.l.

Web master; Data Analisys and database design; Data management; Business Planning; Statistics and Reports.

Jan 2006 –Today | Production Software automation | ST  incard s.r.l.

Production Plan; Webmaster; Software analisys and development ; Process Engineering

Most used software.

Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint; Internet Explore; Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook; Sql Server; Oracle Server; Adobe Acrobat Professional; EBI management software.

My languages.

Active server pages(9 y), Visual Basic(11 y), Visual basic for application(11 y), HTML(9 y), Javascript, Stuctured query language(13 y), RDBMS(13 y).

Serving my country.

“Arma dei Carabinieri”, dec 1994 – dec 1995


Sep 96 Management software | Nov 1997 Microsoft access 95 foundamentals and programming  |Dec 1997 Microsoft VB 5.0 foundamentals | Dec 1998 Microsoft VB 5.0 programming | Jul 2003 Public and private CCTV installation laws | Jun 2003 Data Analysis and database design.

Others Skill and Hobbies

Software, technologies, cellular phones, yoga, walking, painting, internet, communication.